The Data Science club was established under the support the Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics (AIDA) Research Lab to create the awareness about the importance of Data Science/Data Analytics & prepare the students with high technical abilities and skills which can allow them to perform their roles efficiently and raise their skills in areas of Data Science in order to achieve the best career opportunities and self-professional excellence. Students should be able to deliver technical knowledge to the community. The club aims to develop professional certification programs, training and courses for students.

  • - To provide a platform to the students and community to learn, shape, and network, bringing them together with industry experts and allowing them to engage in hands-on, data science interdisciplinary projects.
  • Our mission is to deliver the high quality, industry-responsive trainings, and services aligned with Vision 2030 by supporting the vision and mission of Prince Sultan University to promote lifelong learning.
  • To provide hands-on experience through, discussion, events, program simulations, and guest speakers in the focused areas of data science and AI.
  • To focus on career development and equip the students with the professional skills and tools to apply in the relevant data science driven/AI solutions.
  • Provide the interactive and collaborative platform to the student community with interests in areas of data analytics, data science, machine learning, at Prince Sultan University.
  • Offer rich training, workshops and mentoring opportunities for students, and the community.
  • To offer research-based consultations (e.g., talks, training, etc.) to the students.to relevant institutions.